Winter Snowmobile Vacation

Let Mountain Wisconsin be your destination for a winter snowmobile vacation. Spur of the Moment Ranch is offering a great Winter Special with North Woods Packages available  to sweeten the deal.

 Our late fall, winter season is upon us, it is time to invite you to join us to celebrate the season. Our Winter Special is a great one this year. Our Bunkhouse, Ash, Maple, Spruce, and Cedar Cabins are available during this period for your enjoyment. We are open 7 days a week; reservations are required. Spruce glistening

Winter Special

1rst Night…….15% off

2nd Night……25% off

3rd Night……35% off

4th Night……45% off

5th Night…..45% off

NEW THIS SEASON Spur of the Moment Resort is offering Traditional North Woods Packages. As people who have been to the resort are aware, I do not cook, however, these packages are in the middle of no cooking and reservations. They are brought to you in the interest of curiosity and convenience. You are able to order the packages online in the reservation system, they are optional. Some of the packages offer preferences within the package. Please provide a phone number, text  number, or email address so that we might contact you in advance to be sure that we understand your needs. All pre-ordered packages will be waiting for you in your cabin upon arrival.

Kingston facing northOur trail committee in Oconto County has been hard at work this past summer. New Oconto County Locator signs show you where you are at all times. Intersections and Significant Waypoints are signed  with a 3-digit number and the GPS location using the National GRID/MGRS (NAD83) system. Hopefully, this will make your riding safer and more fun. For more information about Oconto County

Don’ t have a snowmobile, but would like to try the sport out. Mountain Sport and Repair is approximately 3 miles from Spur of the Moment Ranch. You can rent a snowmobile there, phone number is 715-276-1367. For additional information,