Spur News

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for a fun, busy, and eventful season. Without all of you we could not exist. Secondly, I would like to thank a nice fellow who was pretty disgruntled with me when the Dish network did not work in the Spruce. To be honest, the Dish thing has been a stomach churning experience for about 2 years. I thought my only option was to cut down 7 trees, which besides being terribly expensive, sort of defeats the purpose of our north woods atmosphere. But, I was spurred (no pun intended) to find a solution to our dilemma. I found a company in Antigo Stern Electronics. Bob came to the ranch and spent a couple of hours here helping me problem solve our issues. Turns out there are more than just  east facing satellites in the sky, there are also west facing satellites. By changing to of our satellites to west facing we were able to get through the process with only cutting one small tree that was too close to the Ash Cabin anyway. In addition, by next season, our Bunkhouse, Birch, Pine, and Oak will all offer Dish Network as well. The receivers are in, there is an old TV hooked up in the Bunkhouse now, they will all have flat screens by spring.

For those of you who have been visiting since just after Labor Day, the question has been what happened to Chute Pond. Chute Pond has tried many solutions to the weed and milfoil problem in this lake, they have tried chemicals; weed cutting with huge cutters to no avail. The DNR stepped in and offered a drastic solution to drop the water level in the pond by 4 feet. The process started September 8th. I do not believe they have reached the final level yet but to be sure it has changed our landscape for the short run. It is believed that by lowering the water level severely until the middle of April it will kill off the noxious weeds. The fish are expected to go to the deeper parts of the lake, and are expected to survive the experience. I have not heard what it means for ice fishing, or recreational sports i.e. snowmobiling because part of the trail crosses the lake. I will keep you updated on my blog as the season progresses.Chute Pond North BlogChute Pond South Blog

As many of you know Spur of the Moment Ranch has begun to expand our horse experience through the ranch itself. Sarah has done quite a few lessons with children that stay at the ranch, or grandchildren of locals that come in for the experience. We have had a pick up horse soccer ball game at the ranch which was enjoyed by all those that participated and watched. Thorn is still hoping to do some carriage rides for those of you looking for a unique way to get in on the colors in the north woods which are still plentiful as we approach mid October. It would seem that our hot spell over Labor Day delayed our autumn colors by a few weeks. Oh gosh, a longer fall, love it, love it, love it.

As we come into the season of hot chocolate; steamy coffee I would like to let you know that the ranch has some new coffee mugs for purchase. They are 12 ounce cups, have a sturdy handle and will become a favorite among your mug collection. The cups run $15/mug; they are available at the ranch; or purchased over the phone and mailed to complete a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift.Spur Mug Blog

Lastly, do not forget to check our events page as the seasons change. It is updated each month as I get a new list from our Oconto County Economic Development. It is a great way for folks to find out what is going on in Oconto County. https://www.spurofthemomentranch.org/local-mountain-area-events/.