Open House June 6th

2015 Open HouseThis is our 15th Anniversary Year at the Ranch, and we are celebrating  with an Open House June 6th, 2015. Let me take you back to September of 2000. We moved into the ranch on September 18th. The ranch looked a little different back then, only the rustic camping cabins were here. That weekend we had approximately 20 horseback riders and horses; some of those ladies still come back to the ranch periodically to this day. I left my husband Skip alone here on Friday for a couple of hours to greet the girls, told him to check the bathhouse, and low and behold he found a cowboy mannequin with a cowboy hat and a jock strap in the men’s room. In the ladies was a lady mannequin in a bikini holding a baby. He came out of the bathhouse and said to the ladies, “now I know there is a story here, are you going to tell me what it is” . The girls in the lawn chairs all laughed heartily, and said, “last year when they were here they kidnapped “Joe” from a local bar; and he went on the road with them for a year, met a lady, had a baby, and now they are taking them back”. That began the story of Spur of the Moment Ranch. Since then we have had numerous memorable experiences; enjoyed hundreds of guests who have spent time with us; never been bored for a minute.

This Open House will truly be a celebration of the great times that we have had on the ranch, as well as a glimpse into our future. Please come and enjoy the day with us. All of our carriages and carts will be on display with information on what they are and what they are used for. Black Rose Thorn will be giving rides around the ranch from Noon until about 2:00 PM. Our little donkey team of Sophie and Buddy will make their debut in the Covered Chuck Wagon which will serve as our storefront this summer. Meet Darla and Vegas, our new riding horses, a great opportunity for kids or adults to learn about one on one experiences available from the ranch. One of our donkey ambassadors will be out throughout the day to meet and greet all of our visitors. There will be games and fun for the kids. Enjoy refreshments and sit by the bonfire.