March Madness In Mountain

Look no further than Spur of the Moment Resort for March Madness in Mountain. As most of you know our winter has been mild due to it being an El Nino year. Reservations have been sparse, hard to snowmobile with low snow totals, and lakes that had a hard time being reliably frozen. So through March Madness in Mountain we are hoping to attract you to tell us what you would like to pay for a getaway in the month of March here at Spur of the Moment Resort. It is easy to play, call 715-276-3726; text to 715-850-1569; or email to and make an offer for the number of nights and the cost per night that you would like to pay. Please keep in mind that we do have expenses to clean and heat cabins, but make your offer. Spur of the Moment Resort will get in touch with you to let you know if your offer has been accepted and will book your cabin for you. Please note that in March, the Bunkhouse, Ash, Spruce, Cedar, and Maple are the cabins that are open this time of year.

  • March is a great time to bring the dogs up and get in some nice long walks.
  • If the weather is nice, and the driveway is not slippery, we will be starting to get the horses and donkeys out and get them going after a long winter. If you would like to help us curry and brush the winter hair out of the horses and donkeys, I am sure they would love the attention. It is a great stress reliever if you are in need after a long winter.
  •  It is a great time to head up to the candy store and stock up for Easter, always a fun place to visit.
  • Lakewood Ski and Sport is having a blow-out sale of their remaining winter cross country ski gear.
  • Lakewood Ski and Sport will also have a limited number of bikes for rent in case we get some beautiful, early spring days. Black Rose Thorn Taxi

Dog buddies

Guests relaxing at the ranch





There are a few activities going on in Oconto County during the month of March. Check it out!


So,  Make it a  date, join us  for March Madness in Mountain! WHAT WILL YOU PAY FOR A GETAWAY?

Spruce Great Room