Late January Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is what everyone is waiting for this time of year, here is the updated snowmobile report from the Chute Pond Snowmobile Club.
UPDATED January 26, 2016: The Chute Pond Snowmobile Club trails are open, but because of lack of snow, we are not on a regular grooming schedule at this time. Our overall trail condition is “fair to good early season”. The Nicolet State Trail (Corridor 7 RR grade) is thin but fair, with gravel mixed in with the snow in some areas. Wooded trails are white and snow covered and vary in condition- mostly fair to good early season condition- with occasional ruts, exposed rocks, dips, and bumps due to lack of snow cover.8169_967213339980563_4631822656083936863_n[1] 12565385_967213293313901_8927250012767702913_n[1]

As of 5:00 am today, we got a couple inches of fresh snow here at Chute Pond, and the groomers will be out throughout the day working on the trails. Remember to watch out for the groomers, and if you come across one, stop and make sure you wait for the driver to signal that it’s safe to pass by. Please note that the ice formed very late on all area lakes. Stay safe- use extra caution until you know it’s safe.

Although we have not gotten the fun 30 inches they got out east, we have gotten a fresh 2-3 inches of snow which was welcome. In an effort to entice people to get away for the weekend of snowmobiling fun coupled with some great relaxation with family and friends Spur of the Moment Ranch is offering 25% off for your two day  stay for this week only now until the first of February. Come join us, Spruce and Cedar Cabin will be only $131.25/night; Maple and Ash $101.25/night and Bunkhouse $77/night.  Take advantage of a truly Spur of the Moment Offer.