Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate For A Carriage Ride

The holidays are upon us. A Gift Certificate from Spur of the Moment Ranch  might be the perfect present to someone special.   You have more options than ever this season. You can give a couple, family, or spouse a Gift Certificate for a carriage ride to enjoy in the spring, summer, or fall. No better way to see the beauty of the area than riding on a carriage. This winter we are hoping to do a little sleigh riding with Devastation our old road pony. She has had some health issues the last few years, but is feeling much better now and anxious to get back to pulling a cart or sleigh. Our sleigh is a simple 2 seat sleigh, but perhaps conditions being right you might enjoy that experience this winter. Carriage out on Helen Driving Thorn BS






Gift Certificate For A Horseback Riding Or Driving Experience

Perhaps someone has always wanted the experience of being up close and personal with a horse, currying and brushing; learning how to saddle or harness; and then experiencing what it is like to ride a horse; or drive a horse in a carriage. It is possible to give that someone special a Gift Certificate for such a bucket list experience. Most riding or driving experiences are best redeemed in spring, summer, or fall. However, weather depending we can do some winter experiences. We have two riding horses suited to such an experience. Vegas is a 15 year quarter horse, and particularly loves children. She senses when they become off-balance or are a little fearful and will stop and wait for them to regroup. She really does enjoy attention, and different things to do. Darla is a Saddlebred. Her specialty is that she loves trail riding. Bryce on Vegas





Gift Certificate For Food Or Drink Package

Then there are simple but touching Gift Certificates for food or drink purchases that can be waiting in a cabin for an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or act of kindness that you would like give. To see what we have to offer follow the link

Gift Certificate For One of Our Cabins

 Our late fall, winter season is upon us, it is time to invite you to join us to celebrate the season. Our Winter Special is a great one this year. Our Bunkhouse, Ash, Maple, Spruce, and Cedar Cabins are available during this period for your enjoyment. We are open 7 days a week; reservations are required. Spruce glistening

Winter Special

1rst Night…….15% off

2nd Night……25% off

3rd Night……35% off

4th Night……45% off

5th Night…..45% off