Winter Special and Packages

 Our late fall, winter season is upon us, it is time to invite you to join us to celebrate the season. Our Winter Special is a great one this year. Our Bunkhouse, Ash, Maple, Spruce, and Cedar Cabins are available during this period for your enjoyment. We are open 7 days a week; reservations are required. Spruce glistening

Winter Special

1rst Night…….15% off

 2nd Night……25% off

3rd Night……35% off

4th Night……45% off

5th Night…..45% off

Spur Special Events This Winter

New Year’s Eve 2015…..Join us to ring the New Year with family and friends at Spur of the Moment Ranch. Besides enjoying our winter cabin special; enjoy a night around the fire pit with smores and hot chocolate or hot apple cider. What better way to ring in the New Year!

Valentine’s Weekend…..Join us for an opportunity to opt in to “Love Is In The Air Special” . Aurora Williamson will be available to do a 30 minute photo shoot on location; photos are lighthearted & informal, captured with natural interactions. It includes 5 x 7 download of session images from private gallery. Print ordering available online at additional cost from quality vendor. Cost is $50/ double the love $90 for 60 minutes shoot.  Check out to see her work.

NEW THIS SEASON Spur of the Moment Resort is offering Traditional North Woods Packages. As people who have been to the resort are aware, I do not cook, however, these packages are in the middle of no cooking and reservations. They are brought to you in the interest of curiosity and convenience. You are able to order the packages online in the reservation system, they are optional. Some of the packages offer preferences within the package. Please provide a phone number, text  number, or email address so that we might contact you in advance to be sure that we understand your needs. All pre-ordered packages will be waiting for you in your cabin upon arrival.

Winter Snuggler…….29.00

 Winter Snuggler

Two Spur Mugs and 4 hot chocolate packets and 4 hot apple cider packets.

Taste of Wisconsin. . . . . . 35.00

Taste of Wisconsin

This plate includes Cheese Curds, Widmer Brick Cheese; Vegetable Cheese; and Honey Barbecue Sticks. Along with the plate are Snack Crackers for your pleasuret is offering Traditional North Woods Packages.

North Woods Mexican……32.50

North Woods Mexican

This package includes the ever favorite Tortilla Chips. You can choose 2 of the following specialty Salsas: Cub Mild Salsa, Black Bear Medium Salsa, Grizzly Bear Hot Salsa, Cherry Salsa, and Cranberry Salsa.

Salmon Sliders……35.00

Salmon Sliders

This package includes Smoked Salmon, Olive Spread, and Snack Crackers.

Hunker Down For The Munchies…..26.26

Choose Two of the Following:

Milk Chocolate Malted Milk BallsMilk Chocolate Double Dipped PeanutsMarathon Mix

Malted Milk Balls                        Chocolate Covered Peanuts       Marathon Mix                               or Snack Crackers

Choose Two of the Following:

Sesame Stix SaltedOriginal Party MixCheddar Sesame Stix

Sesame Stix                                   Original Party Mix                       Cheddar Sesame Stix                    or Beer Mix

Lumberjack Breakfast…….39.00

Lumberjack Breakfast

 Choose One of the Following: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Wild Blueberry Mix, or Caramel Pecan Mix. Additional components included in the package are egg, milk, butter, salt, and sausage links for 2.

Adult Beverage Packages are new this season. You will need to show proof of age on arrival if you have ordered one of these packages. Again, if there are choices with in the package, please leave your phone number, text number, or email address so that we can confirm your choices and they can be in your cabin upon arrival.

$16 a bottle….Sycamore Lane Chardonney

$16 a bottle….Sycamore Lane Merlot

$16 a bottle….Sycamore Lane Cabernet

$12 a 6-pack…..Miller Light

$12 a 6 pack…..Bud Light

$15 a 4 pack sampler…2 Redd’s Apple Ale and 2 Mackenzie Black Cherry

 $35 a Wisconsin Old Fashioned Package 1 bottle of Meyer Brothers Old Fashioned Mix; 4 single shot bottles of Whiskey or Brandy or combo; and sweet or sour soda.